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Paint it Black Stables .:Tiniquine:.


1. When it comes to this stable, my word is law. There will be no 'ifs' 'ands' or 'buts' about anything and I will not change a rule just to make someone happy.

2. If you buy a TQ from me, more than likely it will be registered, so the name cannot be changed. On the off chance that it hasn't been registered, do not change the prefix. I won't do it on any that I purchase and I would like the same respect shown to me.

3. It is your responsibility to fill out the change of ownership papers on any TQ that you purchase from me. I will not remind you to do so, since that is not in my job description.

4. If you buy/trade a TQ from me that has my prefix and I may want to buy it back in the future, I will tell you at the time of purchase, that way, you won't have to wait around on me to do a sale. If it doesn't have my prefix, then don't worry about asking.

5. If you see a TQ in my stable that you might like to trade, feel free to PM me about it on the boards. At times I will be very picky, can't help it, it is in my nature, so don't be surprised if I turn you down. It's nothing personal, I just have odd tastes.

6. Only registered stallions are up for stud, unless there are special circumstances. If you see a stallion that you might like to have a stud from that isn't registered yet, don't be afraid the PM me about it.

7. You cannot request a breeding with one of my studs on the boards or in a commission unless I have given you permission too. If you are caught trying to request when I have either told you no, or know nothing about it, you will be banned from buying/trading/studding as well.

8. Limitied studs will only be able to breed a certian number of times per TQ year (1 year = 1 month). If the stallion has hit the limit, don't ask to do a breeding until he is available again.

9. Limited standing stallions will only be bred to a select few approved mares. The only stallions that will be on the limited list will be ones that I find exceptional and only want a limited munber of foals from.

10. Stallions of trade breedings can be bred to any mare, registered or not, with the agreement that I get a breeding from the stallion of my choice from your stable in exchange.

11. I bet by now, you are sick and tired of ole Nyx and all her rules. Too bad, there are a few more, so don't get an attitude with me.

12. Last one I promise. I reserve the right to add to or change these rules in anyway at anytime, so I would advise you to at least reassociate yourself with them at least one or twice a month. Ok, so this might not be the last one. XD


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