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Paint it Black Stables .:Tiniquine:.

In the past, I have little to no plans wen it came to breedings and things of that nature. I thought, for a change, I might jot down a few of the breedings that I would like to have done in the future. I doubt that I will be able to get all of them done, but I can always dream! ** Means that I have permission for the breeding from the stallions owner.

PiB Tyl's Finest Sin x +BSM It Was a Demon **

Narcissus' Pheno: XX, Ee, Dd, BkBk, FdFd, WmWm, QnQn
Demon's Pheno: XY, Ee, baba, bkbk, FdFd, MuMu
Hoping for: How can it possibly go wrong?

+PiB Gothic Clouds x Mora's Pride of Russia **

Sariyan's Pheno: Phenotype: XX, Bb, Aa, SbSb, ToTo, ScSc, MUMU, QlQl, VsVs
Nakita's Pheno: Phenotype: XY, EE, SbSb, Mm, BlBl, MUMU, QlQl, VsVs
Hoping for: Anything. This pairing really can't go wrong, passing on wings and feathers, more than likely going to be black, black bay would be nice, Sabino will pass possibly with Tobiano, blanket, marble or snowcap...or all three, or combo of two. Gonna be a hot little foal.

PiB Shia Tyl x PiB Mistress of the Moon

Tyl's Pheno: XX, EE, DD, bkbk, QbQb, QnQn
Pixie's Pheno: XY, EE, DD, TOTO, OvOv, bkbk, baba, FDFD, FkFk, QbQb
Hoping for: Since Pixie was literally made for Tyl, I really can't go wrong. The sexiness shall continue.

MLN Grape Jelly x PiB Taar's Royal Song

PB J's Pheno: XX, Gg, BaBa, bkbk, FdFd, ToTo
Lyndon's Pheno: XY, BkBk, FdFd, BeBe, Pp, ToTo, Qq, VsVs
Hoping for: Well, really not sure here. Another experiment perhaps.

PiB Version One x PiB Island of Dreams

Matt's Pheno: XX, Ee, AA, Cc, ToTo, SCSC, MuMu, QtQt, QMQM, VSVS
Serenity's Pheno: XY, Ee, Aa, BeBe, TOTO
Hoping for: Gold Bay or Buckskin Brindle Tobiano Snowcap with feathered wings.

PiB Rise to the Dawn x Afterglow Leathal Injection

Revel's Pheno: XX, GG, DD, ToTo, OvOv, VV, Qq
Morgan's Pheno: XY, EE, Aa, Cc, DpDp, TOTO, MUMU, QtQt
Hoping for: Dun (color unsure) Tobiano with Fae wings, lion tail, cloven hooves and unicorn horn.

Afterglow Those Endless Eyes x PiB Bound in Chains

Stare's Pheno: XX, Ee, DD, RbRb, TOTO, FrFr, MUMU, QgQg, VsVs
Tiangelina's Pheno: XY, bb, PP, MuMu
Hoping for: Grulla 'Zorse' Tobiano Pointed with unicorn horn, cloven hooves and bat wings.

TR Traveler's Soul x TR Bound in Leather

Journey's Pheno: XX, EE, Aa, TOTO, MUMU, QtQt, VsVs
Captive's Pheno: XY, EE, Aa, ToTo, QtQt, VsVs
Hoping for: Black Bay Tobiano with feathers

PiB Matter of Heart x MKM Without a Soul

Lovers's Pheno: XX, ee, DpDp, SbSb, QbQb, VsVs
Essence's Pheno: Phenotype: XY, Bb, Aa, SbSb, RR, MuMu, QgQg
Hoping for: Dapple Bay Sabino with horns

PiB Medal of Freedom x TR Winged Water

Valor's Pheno: XX, EE, Cc, DD, SS, QlQl, Vv
Zarya's Pheno: XY, EE, Cc, ToTo MuMu, QtQt, VsVs
Hoping for: Blue Dun or Grulla Splash with feathered wings

PiB From Regions Beyond x Afterglow Serpentine Eyes

Netherworld's Pheno: XX, EE, Dd, SS, MuMu
Avarice's Pheno: XY, BB, Dd, Qq
Hoping For: Sooty Grulla Splash


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