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Show Name: PL Ready, Aim, Fire
Call Name: Remington
Chip#: MI0003
Gender: Male
Color: Red Classic Tabby with White
Breed: Shorthair
Genotype: X*Y BB DD ee Aa TBTB spsp ii CC Ss LL mm
From: Mem


Show Name: PL Sweetheart Shuffle
Call Name: Sweets
Chip#: MI0013
Gender: Female
Color: Tortie with White
Breed: Shorthair
Genotype: X*X BB Dd Ee ww aa tktk TBTB spsp ii CC SS LL mm
From: Mem


Show Name: PL Moonlight and Roses
Call Name: Suki
Chip#: MI0017
Gender: Female
Color: Chocolate Color Point w/ White
Breed: Shorthair
Genotype: XX bb DD EE ww aa tbtb spsp ii cscs Ss LL Mm
From: Mem

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